Gaudium IVF Nigeria Success Stories

Since its establishment in 2009, Gaudium IVF, the renowned infertility clinic in Delhi, has helped thousands of couples from all over India and overseas experience the joy of parenthood. The clinic provides comprehensive and advanced fertility solutions along with compassionate care to ensure that patients are able to overcome the most complex issues in an effective and affordable manner.

A track record of thousands of successful cases is enough to prove the competence and expertise of team Gaudium. The clinic is now all set to go global with a nodal center in Nigeria and many other countries and the centers will direct the patients to avail the services of best IVF specialists in India. We take the pleasure of sharing a few of our success stories, which span not only various cities across the country but several international locations too!

Successful IVF for a East African patient who went on to deliver healthy quadruplets

A childless East African couple sought assistance from Gaudium IVF, the best IVF center in India, after losing hope everywhere. The patient suffered from multiple fibroids which came back even after she underwent Myomectomy. Dr Manika Khanna and her team decided to avoid surgical intervention and went ahead with carefully planned ultrasound guided embryo transfer. The patient conceived successfully in the very first IVF attempt and she had healthy quadruplets in 2016.

Success in IVF for another patient of fibroids, she delivered triplets after first IVF attempt

In a similar case, another 41 year old Nigerian patient approached us for infertility treatment after being unable to conceive since her marriage. Here again, she suffered from uterine fibroids, which were removed using Myomectomy. We used IVF-ET for her and she was able to conceive triplets in the first attempt. She delivered healthy babies after a carefully monitored pregnancy, which was an uneventful one.

IVF Success and twin pregnancy for another Nigerian patient with multiple fibroids

We were contacted by a 36 year old Nigeria patient who had never conceived in the 5 years of her marriage. A Myomectomy had been performed on her once to remove multiple fibroids from her uterus, but it still had many small ones. She had tried IVF cycles elsewhere but none of them had yielded results. This time, after she underwent IVF-ET at Gaudium IVF, the top IVF clinic in India, the woman conceived twins and delivered them healthy and full-term.

Success for 45 year old uterine fibroid patient from Guinea

A 45 year old patient from Guinea came to us with infertility issues. She had large uterine fibroids, for which she was suggested to undergo surrogacy. However, Dr Manika Khanna, the renowned infertility specialist in India who leads Gaudium IVF advised that she could try IVF and have a baby on her own. After a careful IVF-ET, she conceived on the first attempt and delivered healthy twins.

Success for Indian patient whose first child had multiple anomalies

Another case which deserves special mention is that of a patient whose first child had multiple anomalies. The second conception was monitored by Gaudium IVF with its advanced diagnostic techniques and the patient delivered a healthy baby at full term. The infant is now 3 years old and is showing normal development milestones.

Success for patient from India with multiple fibroids in the uterus and pervious failed IVF cycles

Gaudium IVF, the acclaimed IVF centre in Delhi, helped a woman who had been infertile for a period of 12 years with multiple failed IVF attempts. The reason was 14 cm fibroids in her uterus which had recurred after a Myomectomy procedure was done to remove them. Dr Manika Khanna studied the case and decided to go ahead with ultrasound monitored Embryo Transfer without surgical removal of the fibroids, which were not infringing the endometrial cavity. The attempt was successful and the woman had a healthy baby boy at 35 weeks of gestation.

Successful treatment of Indian patient with multiple complications such as failed IVF, diabetes and hypertension

A 30 year old who had been combating infertility for 5 years came to us with multiple complications such as diabetes and hypertension. She had conceived with IVF once earlier but lost her 31 week old pregnancy to pregnancy induced hypertension. She was able to conceive with IVF at Gaudium but leaking amniotic fluid at 21 weeks, gestational diabetes and hypertension came up as complications. Dr Khanna, a reputed IVF specialist in India, took up careful monitoring and management of these problems and the pregnancy carried to 34 weeks successfully. She delivered healthy twins with C-section .

Success for patient with history of ectopic pregnancies and two failed IVF attempts

A 37 year old patient, married for 15 years reported infertility with history of bilateral ectopic pregnancies. Bilateral Salpingectomy with laparotomy had been performed on her elsewhere. She had also been through two failed IVF cycles. At Gaudium IVF, we identified lack of endometrial blood flow as the culprit of IVF failure ad treated her with anticoagulant therapy and embryo glue, so that her next cycle would be a success. She delivered healthy twin babies in the subsequent IVF attempt.

With thousands of miraculous successful cases, Gaudium IVF has emerged as one of the best IVF clinics in India and is soon going to reach out to patients in Nigeria through its nodal center there.