The past few years have seen phenomenal advancement in medical technology making most of diseases and conditions, including infertility, treatable. However, infertility is like a menace for many who lose hope after repeated failed attempts. Awareness is as vital as medical help when it comes to treating various problems leading to infertility. Here are some key questions that every couple struggling with infertility should be aware about. Gaudium IVF, the top IVF center in Delhi resolves all these questions for you. Very soon, the clinic will set up its nodal centers internationally in numerous countries including Nigeria.

How often should we have sex if we plan conception?

A couple planning conception should have sex every other day during ovulation, the fertile period between day 12 and day 18 of the menstruation cycle. This is also known as the fertility window during which conception is most likely to take place. Daily sex can also be practiced if they are comfortable with it, though they should not take any stress about it.

What are the chances of conception every month?

The chances of conception are determined mainly by the maternal age, while the egg quality and number also have a bearing on it. The success rate of conception in case of women in their thirties is 20%, but it is dramatically reduced to only 5% once she steps on the other side of her forties.

Why does egg quality decline with the maternal age?

It is a proven fact that a woman’s fertility deteriorates as she ages and this happens because of depletion of ovarian reserve. Every woman is born with this reserve, which refers to the number of eggs that comes down as she menstruates every month. This leads to decline in her fertility. Similarly, the quality of her eggs also goes down because of genetic factors, as there are increased chances of chromosomal abnormalities in the eggs.

How do I know whether I am suffering from infertility?

A couple is regarded as infertile if regular, unprotected sexual intercourse fails to achieve pregnancy within a span of one year (this applies where the woman is under 30). In case the woman is past 30 years of age, the couple is said to be infertile after a period of 6 months of trying to conceive.

Do men suffer from infertility?

There is a misconception that infertility is caused due to some problems in women, but this is a myth as male factor infertility can be the reason too. in some couples, the problem can be attributed to combined infertility too, where both, the male as well as female are combating with some issues.

What are the common causes of female infertility?

A variety of reasons may be seen as the cause of female infertility, though improper ovulation is seen as the most common one. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the condition which disturbs the woman’s ovulation cycle. Similarly, advanced maternal age, premature menopause, irregular periods, hormonal issues, tubal blockage, endometriosis, uterine fibroids and physical anomalies can also cause infertility in women.

What are the common causes of male infertility?

The most common reason of male infertility is low sperm count and poor sperm quality, while sperms may be totally absent in some men. Unhealthy lifestyle, medical problems like diabetes and genetic factors can also result in male infertility.

When and where should I seek help if I fail to get pregnant?

Once a couple suspects infertility, they should immediately get in touch with a general obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) so that all the preliminary diagnostic tests are done to locate the exact reason of infertility. Older women, who do not want to waste time, should see an infertility specialist right away.

What treatment is followed by infertility specialists for treating infertility issues?

Identifying the exact cause of infertility is the first and foremost step taken by infertility specialists and they approach the case on the basis of the results of these diagnostic tests. Accordingly, it is decided whether the couple would need medical therapy or any of the innovative Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ARTs) like IUI, IVF and ICSI.

What are the various services to look for while I decide the best infertility clinic for me?

Deciding the best infertility clinic is crucial for a couple as the right choice can bring speedy and effective results for them. An ideal clinic is the one which offers diagnostics, advanced treatment and pregnancy care, all under one roof. Advanced ARTs such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg/sperm donation, egg/sperm freezing and more, should be provided by the clinic. Patients should also look for compassionate attitude along with affordable care.

Gaudium IVF, the best IVF center in India, is a trusted name for world-class services, and it also offers constant support and guidance to the patients. The clinic is set to expand its horizons and become global, with its nodal centers in Nigeria and numerous other locations.

How can an international patient get in touch with team Gaudium?

After referring to Gaudium website, an international patient can reach out to Gaudium team through an email query/telephonic query.

What kinds of queries do patients commonly have before treatment with Gaudium IVF?

Generally, two types of queries are received from the patient –

  1. The patient explains her case and Gaudium advises about the IVF procedure
  2. The patient is already aware or has made up her mind that an IVF procedure is possible and she rather enquires about the various formalities involved and also the cost estimate.

How does Gaudium IVF help the international patients with their queries about cost estimate?

Gaudium team advises on cost estimate of the treatment so that patient involved can take care of making financial arrangements at her end. To all the patients, this cost estimate is given in a USD format only and also, it is stated at the initial stage itself that due to fluctuation in dollar conversion rate, the cost will remain same in INR (Indian Rupee).

What procedure is to be followed by the international patients before they actually come to India for treatment at Gaudium IVF?

Before actually arriving in India for the treatment, the patient sends her medical history documents/supporting tests and assessments to Gaudium IVF. The medical experts, under the supervision of Dr. Manika Khanna, confirm/guide about the feasibility of achieving pregnancy success. Once that confidence is extended to the patient, her basic queries w.r.t. going ahead with an IVF procedure are addressed by Gaudium team

What are the visa procurement formalities for international patients coming to India for treatment at Gaudium IVF?

Two categories of international patients normally come across –

  1. Who have a medical visa;
  2. Who wish to apply for a medical visa in order to visit India (at Gaudium) to go through this medical procedure.
For the second category of patients, Gaudium team helps them by sending across an invitation letter so that they can apply for a medical visa.

What are the accommodation options available for the international patients of Gaudium IVF?

When it comes to accommodation options, there are 3 types of International Patients

  1. Who have relatives/friends known in Delhi and thus, they make arrangements of stay and other aspects on their own
  2. A second category of patients is there who makes their arrangements through internet sources;
  3. There is a third category of patients who requests Gaudium team to make arrangements for their accommodation and movement and Gaudium team makes that arrangement for them.

What is the advisable period of stay in India for international patients taking up IVF treatment at Gaudium?

Gaudium advises the international patients that they would be required to stay back till the stage of embryo transfer, which is at least 18 days along with another 3 days for rest, needs to be added; thus at least a 21 days stay is a must for each patient. Some patients decide to stay back till 25 days in order to know the result of embryo transfer and decide to move back only once pregnancy is confirmed for them, while there are others, who do not wish to wait so long and get confirmation on their pregnancy done once they have travelled back. (All this is customized and is based on every individual patient’s medical visa duration). Some patients also decide to travel after 3 months for a follow up treatment while others seek advice of their respective gynaecologists in their respective countries.

What are the visa rules and regulations which have to be followed by the international patients of Gaudium IVF?

Most international patients travel back once they have got a confirmation on success of their pregnancy that is approximately after 25 days. There are generally two scenarios: 1. Pregnancy Success; 2. Pregnancy Failure. In case of patients, pregnancy success is not possible in one cycle and the visa is too short; they decide to travel back after medical visa formalities are taken care of and then again come back for treatment at Gaudium IVF Centre. In case, medical visa allows them to stay back and to try for second cycle, they take that initiative.

What are the documents and follow up facilities extended to the international patients when they travel back to their respective countries after the treatment at Gaudium IVF?

Complete record of reports, assessment and a detailed discharge summary is handed over to the patient once she decides to travel back to her respective country. The following is offered to the patient

  • Certificate declaring that she has undergone IVF and she should be allowed to consume specific medicines based on her prescription while she is on plane travel.
  • A detailed discharge summary comprising detailed history notes, Medical Protocol Undertaken, medicines prescribed, advice for administration and consumption of medicines, Other advice related to diet, rest, frequency of meeting the medical practitioner and also tests and assessments to be undertaken from time to time.
  • Some patients prefer to buy the complete stock of medicines (for the time period prescribed) and carry it with them; while to others, substitutes of medicines are also informed so that they can purchase it from pharmacies in their respective countries.
  • A conference call with Dr. Manika Khanna is also facilitated in case of need (with an international doctor/gynaecologist in stance of follow up treatment course of the patient). Email communication is also facilitated.