Patient Name: Sarita

Challenge:The patient had 2 abortions at 4th- 5th month due to severe lack of liquor around the baby. Her second abortion was so bad that she stopped having periods, after that for 8 years she was in a disturbed state.

Gaudium’s Achievement:When she reached us it was 13 years of her marriage and no baby. At ‪Gaudium‬ ‪‎IVF‬ we designed some specialized protocol for her and IVF was done. Then she conceived a healthy pregnancy and delivered last week.

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Patient Name: Parminder

Challenge: It is difficult for every new lab to give success in its first attempt, but at Gaudium IVF we overcome this and gave successful pregnancy in the first month of the opening of Ludhiana centre.

Gaudium’s Achievement:Here we can say and claim to couples " see our results in 9 months from conceiving to delivery"... Dr. Manika Khanna, Gaudium IVF .The Couple was married more than 9 years and they were under a lot of emotional and social stress, when they approached us the female was totally under depression and both were under social pressure. And, the patient had uncontrolled diabetes because of anxiety. The female was suffering from severe PCOD‬ (Poly cystic ovary syndrome), this disease has become extremely common in today's Women scenario. PCOD also leads to obesity. The Gaudium IVF team carefully handled the case and conducted the IVF cycle. Having an experience of more than 6000 successful IVF deliveries, the team has devised such protocols which exactly work in the severe cases of PCOD/PCOS. The patient conceived in first attempt and has delivered a healthy baby at her 36.

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Patient Name: Jimin

A patient from Korea 41 Years of age came to us with a history of four failed IVF cycles. She was married for more than 9 years and does not have a child. We gave her quality treatment with customized protocols for IVF. We have treated her to enhance her endometrial receptivity. We also use special glue for the endometrium. The quality of injections used in IVF is of high quality to give best of results, we never compromised with quality. She conceived in her first attempt and delivered a healthy baby.

ivf centre in delhi

Patient Name: Swati

A patient 34 Years of age from Bihar reported us with history of recurrent spontaneous abortion followed by secondary infertility for 10 years. Her hysteroscopy revealed septate uterus. Septal resection was done. She went through IVF treatment (as required by case) and conceived successfully. This pregnancy went up to term and she has now a healthy baby with her.

Patient Name: Abigail

A 41 year old patient from Nigeria reported to us with inability to conceive since her marriage. She had multiple fibroids in the uterus for which mymactomy had also been done previously. We did IVF-ET for her and successfully conceive in her first attempt with triplets. Pregnancy was carefully monitored and turned out to be uneventful. She has now successfully delivered and is an extremely happy mother of three. All three babies and the mother are doing well.

Patient Name: Anjali

A 35 year old patient reported to us with fibroid uterus and failed IVF elsewhere. She was married for 7 years and had never conceived before. With us she conceived in her very first attempt of IVF. Pregnancy went on smoothly till term and she is now delivered a healthy baby. Both mother and child doing well.

Patient Name: Renu

This is the story of patient Renu age 30 years, who had been suffering from infertility for the past 5 years. She had diabetes and hypertension also. Previously, she had conceived through IVF once but had sever PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) due to which her cesarean was done at around 31th weeks but baby did not survive. She conceived in her first IVF cycle with us. Unfortunately, she had leaking PV in this pregnancy at 20th week 4 days. She also developed PIH and gestational diabetes. We kept her on conservative management. Her BP and Sugar was closely monitored and control. Now, she reached without any other complications upto 34th weeks after which she went into labour. Emergency cesarean was done and twins delivered. She is now a healthy mother of two.

Patient Name: Yusra

A 24 years old patient from Oman came to us with primary infertility. She was married for more than five years but she was childless. Semen analysis of her husband showed severe oligoszoospermia. His counts was four million and normal sperms were 2 %. Patient underwent IVF with us. We treated this case through ICSI considering the report of Semen analysis. She conceived twins and is now a mother of two healthy babies.

Patient Name: Sarika

A patient 29 years old reported to us with primary infertility. She was married for more than 8 Years but did not conceive before. Her investigations showed intramural fibroid 3*3 cm along with grade 3 endometriosis. She underwent IVF with us using good quality injections. We also gave her treatment to increase endometrial receptivity. She conceived in her first attempt and now, she is a mother of a healthy child.

Patient Name: Ritu

A patient 37 year old reported to us with history of Bilateral acctopic pregnancies for which laprotomy had been done elsewhere. She was married for 15 years with two failed IVF. We gave her good quality treatment and work to increase her endometrial receptivity. We also use a special glue on her endomaterial. She conceived successfully and delivered healthy twin babies.

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Patient Name: Neha

Challenge 1: Not been able to conceive since marriage

Gaudium’s Achievement: Conceived twin babies through IVF cycle

Challenge 2: One of the twins passed away in the womb in the 6th month of pregnancy. Most leading doctors in Delhi suggested the patient to terminate the pregnancy & hence lose both her children. The patient came back to us, placing her trust in us.

Gaudium’s Achievement: The team at Gaudium took her pregnancy to 34th week. She delivered a healthy child & the deceased foetus was removed at the same time. The child has an above average I-Q and is healthy. A few such cases have been reported in international literature. Among those only a few were delivered healthy.

Patient Name: Neha

Challenge:Female aged 51 years. Before coming to Gaudium the patient had undergone number of failed IVF cycles from prestigious IVF treatment centres in Delhi and Mumbai.

Gaudium’s Achievement: The patient conceived in first IVF cycle and delivered twin healthy babies.

ivf centre in delhi

Patient Name: Shina

Challenge: The patient had history of 8 Intra Uterine deaths and was not able to conceive. She was also suffering from Hypertension and Diabetes when she came for IVF Treatment.

Gaudium’s Achievement: Patient was given IMMUNOGLOBULINS for her APA. Treatment resulted in successful IVF.

Patient Name: Sujata Rani

A 44 Years old patient reported with infertility and uncontrolled Diabetes with hypertension. She was married for 9 years and was childless. We put her on treatment and diet aimed to control her sugar levels . Patient was meticulously started on IVF protocol. She conceived successfully and went on to deliver a healthy baby. Her treatment for diabetes continued and she is a healthy mother today.

Patient Name: Hari singh and Neera devi

A couple married for more than 8 years reported to us with infertility. Reports revealed absence of sperms in semen analysis (Azoospermia). Patient underwent IVF along with TESA ( Testicular sperm aspiration) and ICSI . She conceived successfully in her first attempt and is now mother of a healthy child.

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